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$00pah NiN10Doh! $00pah NiN10Doh!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It's awesome levels were off the charts. I won't say it was better than the first (art-wise however, this one was pretty spectacular.) I love both a lot, but to be honest, aside from the awesome Kirby scenes, this one gets major bonus points from me for giving Furries some love. Been a bit since I've seen any of that on NG. So yay for furry fanservice!

But yeah, overall it really was excellent. To everyone involved, keep up the great work. It's much appreciated! ^w^


SRM Transformers 4 Part 1 SRM Transformers 4 Part 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy smokes!

That superlineman sure is a voice actor prodigy. He makes the movie! >w>

Good work, can't wait for part two, and to know why I voice acted what I did for said part two. Keep up the good work and all. :3

"Urgayurgayug=rgayurgaybvbbvbv"lol. Boy I hope that doesn't mark my review up for spam. Save meh!

But seriously, awesome work as always.

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Battosai810 responds:

Nah, I won't mark you down. Thanks for lending your voice to this toon, noone but you could be Ratchet, Soundwave or Shockwave so well.

SRM Transformers 3 SRM Transformers 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Who's that awesome voice actor who does the 3 best voiced characters!?

He sounds kewl. :3

Lol...great end to the season man, glad I could help the whole of the journey. Good luck with more! HAAH! *pose-EXPLOSIONS!!!!*

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Battosai810 responds:

I have the oddest feeling you'll be doing VO for me in the future as well...
Thanks for the review mang

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Canabalt Canabalt

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Spectacular game. I love the concept.

My only real complaint is that the jumps you need to make through windows are far too difficult. It became the only thing that killed me after a while. (That and my space bar deciding every now and then that I didn't actually hit it...but that isn't the game's fault and we all know it.) Keep up the good work.

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Polimon Polimon

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good, but not without flaw.

It's wonderful in theory, the humor and satire are both good, and you're do poke fun at everyone. So there's no real bias present anywhere. It looks good for what it is and everything is animated decently.

But like I said, it isn't without flaw.

-First of all, from what I saw, fundraisers are far too scarce. This sort of thing is important in this type of game. Especially considering in the actual Pokemon games, you can at least save whenever you want.
-Next, the music in battle doesn't loop. It plays once then stops and begins clicking. I don't know if this was the same on the walking map because of another flaw.
-Battles are far too frequent. It felt like I couldn't walk more than 3 steps without being thrown into another fight. In actual RPGs, this isn't as frequent. The constant battles drain you rather fast and make the game rather difficult. Though you could excuse this by saying political races like this are just as ruthless.
-The most glaring issue I had was one fight in particular. I came across a Conservative Blowhard, and he would not die. He had a move that could heal him entirely, and none of my attacks did any substantial amount of damage. By the time I was lowering his health to the red zone the fourth time, I had no PPs left to attack him with, and I lost. It was long and irritating and I more or less couldn't win.

Overall, it's a great game in theory, but from what I saw, it could use some fine-tuning.

NSG009:Miq's game (proto) NSG009:Miq's game (proto)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

this was really wild

i look forward to what comes after the prototype. a suggestion tho, keep it this makes it really great like this. the simplisity and artistic styling of this game make it as cool as it is. dont ruin it with over the top pwer ups or different music or anything like that. just keep it simple and im sure ittl do fine. maybe even front page :)


LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Cheers, man!

Don't worry. I'm not in favour of adding on new toys before I've played about with the rules governing the existing pieces.

I'm tempted to make this a level-based thing, kinda like Skears. But I'd like to experiment with the endless-type angle first.

We'll see what happens...

Thanks for the encouragement.

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Rock'n Temple || Zelda 2 Rock'n Temple || Zelda 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

that was great!

that was one of the best game re-mixes ive heard in a while...definitally do a version of the Hyrule temple alt (Fire Emblem) from SSBM (that is the music that normally plays on it (and an old LoZ2 game as well) so thatd b kickass!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!(PS-this is the 1st music ive reviewed on NG which means it was extra great!)